Mahou Shoujo Lalabel: Umi ga Yobu Natsuyasumi

Comedy, Magic, Shoujo, Slice of Life
Mahou Shoujo Lalabel: Umi ga Yobu Natsuyasumi


Movie (1 ep.)

Alternative Titles

ru:Юная волшебница Лалабель: Отдых на море
ja:魔法少女ララベル 海が呼ぶ夏休み

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During the summer, Lalabel and her friends, Teko and Toko, arrived at the hostel owned by Teko's uncle. Teko's uncle and aunt have gone to the operation of their acquiantance, leaving their son, Ryota, to manage the hostel all by himself. Lalabel decides to help the boy out and together, all of them become involved in the management of the hostel.

(Source: ANN)


Mitsuko Horie
Mitsuko Horie
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