Kokka Kimigayo

Historical, Music
Kokka Kimigayo


Movie (1 ep.)

Alternative Titles

en:The National Anthem Kimigayo
ru:Государственный гимн Кимигае
ja:国歌 君か代

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The chrysanthemum crest opens as the song progresses, and reveals the creation gods Izanagi and Izanami on the Ama no Ukihashi (heavenly bridge). They thrust the Ama no Nuboko (heavenly spear) into the sea, and the water droplets falling from the spear become the islands of Japan. Because of the violent actions of her brother Susanoo, the sun goddess Amaterasu retreats and shuts herself in the Ama no Iwato (heavenly cave). The gods gather around the cave and the goddess Ame no Uzume dances in front of it. As Amaterasu peers out to see what is happening, the god Tajikarao pushes open the rock door, bringing forth the glorious light of heaven once again. The golden kite lands on top of the heavenly bow that emerges from among the clouds. The light emanating from the kite repels the evil spirits of Japan. Finally, the three sacred treasures (the sacred sword, jewel, and mirror) emerge.

(Source: Japanese Animation Preservation Project)
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