Wanpaku Oomukashi Kum Kum

Adventure, Comedy, Historical, Kids
Wanpaku Oomukashi Kum Kum


TV Series (26 ep.)
From 1975-10-03 to 1976-03-26

Alternative Titles

en:Kum Kum
ru:Шаловливый Кум-Кум

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This is the tale of Kum Kum, a kind of prehistoric "Dennis the Menace" who lived long ago. He and his family and friends belonged to a tribe of Mountain People who lived and hunted and farmed high in the hills near the Fire Mountain.

This is a comedy series earmarked by infectious chibi-cuteness mixed with the pathos of every-day prehistoric life. The storylines revolves around the adventures of Kum Kum (pronounced coom-coom) and his young friends. Kum Kum has a real knack for getting himself (and the other kids) in trouble and that's what makes the series fun!

(Source: kumkum.8thman.com)


Kazue Tagami
Kazue Tagami
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