Subarashii Sekai Ryokou: Alaska no Tabi "Daigo Hyougaki"

Adventure, Sci-Fi
Subarashii Sekai Ryokou: Alaska no Tabi "Daigo Hyougaki"


TV Special (2 ep.)
From 1967-01-29 to 1967-02-05

Alternative Titles

ru:Удивительное кругосветное путешествие: Путешествие на Аляску «Пятый Ледниковый период»
ja:すばらしい世界旅行 アラスカの旅“第五氷河期”

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In the near future, Earth is engulfed in a new ice age as snow falls ceaselessly in summer and glaciers advance with uncharacteristic speed. In this SF spinoff of the live-action Wonderful World Travel series, humanity must decide whether to use science to fight the ice or to adapt to it.

(Source: Anime Encyclopedia)
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