Kitakaze no Kureta Table-kake

Fantasy, Historical
Kitakaze no Kureta Table-kake


Movie (1 ep.)

Alternative Titles

ru:Мальчик и северный ветер

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Based on a Norwegian fable.

Hans was making bread and North Wind was blowing all the flour out of his bowl. He decides to visit the North Wind in his castle to ask him to stop and for compensation. North Wind gives him a tablecloth that summons delicious food on top of it. Unbeknownst to him, Hans was swindled out of his tablecloth by a local innkeeper. He returns to North Wind and gets a sheep that drops gold coins. The innkeeper swindles him again. Hans returns a 3rd time and gets a scepter, this time booby-trapped by North Wind to figure out who has been stealing Hans' gifts. The innkeeper gets his punishment when he tries to swindle the scepter and Hans gets to keep his 3 fantastical items and returns home to his mother.
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