Arabian Nights: Sindbad no Bouken

Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Arabian Nights: Sindbad no Bouken


Movie (1 ep.)

Alternative Titles

en:Arabian Nights: Sinbad's Adventures
ru:Арабские ночи: Приключения Синдбада
ja:アラビアンナイト シンドバッドの冒険

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This is a work by Toei Animation Co., Ltd. with screenplay by Tezuka Osamu in cooperation with novelist Kita Morio. Sinbad and a boy, Ali, are stowaways on the transport ship "Boulder," but they win their proper places on the ship after currying the favor of the captain.
Then the beautiful princess Samir jumps on board to escape a wicked minister who wants to marry her, and Sinbad goes through a series of adventures to protect the princess.

The story unfolds with ups and downs, full of dramatic episodes from the original story such as a rough-and-tumble battle with a strange bird that is guarding diamonds.

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Hideo Kinoshita
Hideo Kinoshita
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