Micro Teukgongdae Diatron 5

Action, Mecha, Sci-Fi, Space
Micro Teukgongdae Diatron 5


Movie (1 ep.)

Alternative Titles

ja:마이크로 특공대 다이야트론 5

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The plot focuses around a Cyborg woman named Ivy, who defends the entire universe from enemies with her built-in evil-sensing computers. The enemy infects her with a virus. Now the only one to save her is Diatron 5, the mecha shrunk down to microscopic size that goes in to fight the bacteria. Two kids, a battle station called the "Star Wars" and Diatron's inventor join her in the battle against evil. Evil being an androgynous woman named Mary, her brother with blue skin who looks suspiciously like Spock and their fleet of robots and forest green demon-like aliens.

(Source: TV Tropes)
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